The topic: Girl Power

This is the agenda. This is the fight. A daily battle is fought by millions of women around the world, with a clear goal: establish the equality of genders giving to all women the power to participate in every part of the society. Looking for the best image to represent this movement, Jak&Jil (a is promoting the PhotoChallenge 2017 - Girl Power, a college competition that will award the best photo and will even help one of the NGO supporters. Don’t miss out! The prize is ₹400.000. ₹200.000 to the winner, and a donation of ₹200.000 to the NGO supporter chosen by her/him*.

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2700€ prize

Dream Jar

Dream Jar

Cristina Baruffaldi

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele - Italy

An NGO chosen by her

2700€ donation

Free a Girl

Congratulations Cristina

She would like to say a few words

The prize is ₹400K

smille ₹200K to the winner + ₹200K to an NGO* supporter globo

*Chosen by the winner among the NGO (or other cause upholders) who support the challenge.

The jury

  • Sara

    Sarah Maple


    Visual Artist

    Sarah Maple (England) is an award winning visual artist known for her bold, brave, mischievous and occasionally controversial artworks that challenges notions of identity, religion and the status quo. Sarah’s artwork, film and performances have been exhibited internationally at galleries and institutions including Tate Britain (London), A.I.R Gallery (NY), AGO (Canada), The New Art Exchange (Nottingham), Golden Thread Gallery (Belfast) and Kunisthoone (Estonia).

  • mads-nissen-photo

    Mads Nissen



    Mads Nissen is a Danish documentary photographer and winner of the 2015 World Press Photo of the Year. From 2004 to 2006 he worked as a staff photographer for the Danish newspaper Politiken, and subsequently as a freelance photojournalist for Newsweek, Time, Der Spiegel, Stern and the The Sunday Times. He has documented the food crisis in Niger, overpopulation in the Philippines, and the Amazon rainforest.

  • Daro Sulakaur

    Daro Sulakauri



    A Georgian photojournalist graduated from the International Center of Photography in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program in New York, best known for her photo story “Terror Incognita”, she received 2nd place in Magnum Foundation’s Young Photographer in the Caucasus Award and many others. Sulakauri is the member and founder of Error Images, photo agency of documentary photographers in Georgia.

  • sonja-braas(foto)

    Sonja Braas



    Sonja Braas was born in Siegen, Germany. She studied in visual communication, photo and film design at the Fachhochschule Dortmund and photography at the school of Visual Arts, NY. Her works are part of international Collections like Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg, Sammlung Deutsche Bank, Munich RE and EON AG

  • Maia Flore

    Maia Flore



    Maia Flore (France) is a member of Agency VU in Paris, a part of the Galerie Esther Woerdehof in Paris and a gallery in SF called Themes+Projects. She has been working on photography since 2010, and have recently become involved in working with film as the art director for Kinfolk Magazine.

  • foto-julia-fullerton

    Julia Fullerton-Batten



    Julia Fullerton-Batten is a worldwide acclaimed and exhibited fine-art photographer. Her body of work now encompasses twelve major projects spanning a decade of engagement in the field. She was born in Bremen, Germany, and now lives in London. She has won countless awards and was commissioned by The National Portrait Gallery in London to shoot portraits of leading people in the UK National Health Service. These are now held there in a permanent collection.

  • julio-bittencourt-photo

    Julio Bittencourt



    Julio Bittencourt was born in 1980 in Brazil and grew up between Sao Paulo and New York. His projects have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide and his work published in magazines such as GEO, Stern, TIME, Le Monde, The Wall Street Journal, C Photo, The Guardian, The New Yorker, Esquire, French Photo, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, and Leica World Magazine, among others. He is the author of two books: “In a window of Prestes Maia 911 Building” and "Ramos".

  • Anastasia Cazabon

    Anastasia Cazabon


    Photographer / Filmmaker

    Anastasia Cazabon is a photographer and filmmaker from Cambridge, Massachusetts and based in Berlin, Germany. She is a graduate of Massachusetts College of art and New England School of Photography. She constructs narratives revolving around mystery and the surreal. She draws inspiration from dreams, memories, cinema and fairy tales. Anastasia also runs GRRL HAUS CINEMA, a film festival that highlights short films and video art made by women.

  • Nicola-Lo-Calzo-photo

    Nicola Lo Calzo



    Nicola Lo Calzo, an Italian photographer. For nearly five years, he is engaged in a long-range photographic research project on the memories of the slave trade and slavery, in Africa, the Caribbean and America. His photographs have been widely exhibited in museums, art centers or festivals, most notably at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon, the National Alinari Museum of Photography in Florence, and the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. He now lives in Paris.

  • SarahElliott

    Sarah Elliott



    Sarah Elliott (USA) received a degree in photography in New York City at Parsons School of Design. Elliott assisted Stanley Greene for a year before moving to Nairobi, Kenya, traveling extensively, documenting social issues with a focus on women. Her photographs have appeared in such publications as Vanity Fair Italy, Monocle and Time. In 2011, Elliott won the Global World: Through the Lens of Human Rights competition and a prize in the World Press Photo contest.

  • mayumi-lake-photo

    Mayumi Lake



    Mayumi Lake is a Chicago-based artist. Her photography and video work delve into childhood and pubescent dreams, phobia and desires. She employs herself and others as her models, as well as dolls, toys, weapons, vintage clothes, and altered landscape as her props.

  • Katerina Belkina

    Katerina Belkina


    Visual artist

    Born in Samara in the southeast of European Russia, she was brought up in an creative atmosphere by her mother, a visual artist. Her education at the Academy of Arts Petrov-Vodkin, Samara and the School for Photography of Michael Musorin gave her the tools to visualize her ideas. Exhibitions of her sublime, mystic self-portraits ensued in Moscow and Paris. She won the International Lucas Cranach Prize 2015 and Hasselblad Masters Award in 2016. Currently she lives and works in Berlin.

How does it work?

PhotoChallenge 2017 will award the best photograph, on the proposed subject. Have a look at the rules.

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  • 3 judgment period
  • 4 winner announcement

Why should I participate?

To suport a noble cause, to show your creativity and still take a load of cash home, to you and to your favourite NGO (or cause supporter). Need anything else?

Have a look at the rules


Jak&Jil - PhotoChallenge 2017

Girl Power


PhotoChallenge 2017 - “Girl Power" has as main objectives: To foster, in the academic environment, reflection and debate about the problems related to gender inequalities; Stimulate creativity and the emergence of ideas that bring benefits to the problems faced by women in society; Use photography as a stimulus to discuss the problems of gender inequality.


2.1. The PhotoChallenge 2017 - “Girl Power" is a competition aimed at University students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, face-to-face, semi-face-to-face or distance, effectively enrolled in 2017.


3.1. Entries must be made exclusively through the internet, from 01/07/2017 to 30/11/2017. The website address to register is, in the menu “ENTRY";
3.2. Evaluation period of the projects by the judging committee: 15/11/2017 to 10/01/2018;
3.3. The above dates may change. Should this occur, the new dates will be announced in advance;
3.4. For group registrations, all team members must be duly enrolled in a higher education institution, on any kind of course;
3.5. Applications will not be accepted for Mucca employees or trainees;
3.6. The registration in the Competition will imply the full acceptance of this Regulation.
3.7. It will only be accepted entries from students enrolled in a higher education institution (Universities, Colleges, undergraduate and postgraduate courses).
3.8. After finishing the entry, the candidate must post his/her the photo on Instagram with the hash tag: #jakandjilprowomen, and also follow the Jak&Jil page on Instagram (@jakandjil) to complete the registration.


4.1. The participant must send, together with the PHOTO, a descriptive text with a maximum of 400 characters, and the following mandatory documentation:
4.1.1. Proof of enrollment;
4.1.2. Identification document containing photo.
4.2. The PHOTO can be made in group or individually;
4.3. The PHOTO should be saved in .JPG format, in the maximum dimensions of 1250px X 820px (landscape) or 820px X 1250px (portrait), and the total size of the JPG file can not exceed 10MB;
4.4. Image and manipulation treatments will be accepted. But the final product should maintain the appearance of photography. There will not be accepted illustrations;
4.5. Mucca is not responsible for any technical problems that occur during the sending of the PHOTO;
4.6. The photographs sent must be authored by the participant himself;
4.7. Photographs involving third parties, other than the participant, presupposes that the latter provided the appropriate authorization for use, and the Promoter is not responsible for this use and / or citation;
4.8. Participants will be automatically excluded from the Promotion in case of proven fraud, and may be liable for a crime of ideological or documentary falsehood;
4.9. At no time may the Promoter be liable for late, erroneous, incorrect, invalid or inaccurate entries by the participants, and such causes are grounds for exclusion from this Promotion;
4.10. Each participant is alowed to send 3 photos. They have to be done on different entries.


5.1. The judging commission will be defined by Mucca;
5.2. The judging commission will be made up of consultants with experience in the areas of photography, journalism and specialists in the subject matter covered;
5.3. The Judging Commission will be sovereign in its decisions, being its final judgment, not having resources or appeal in any case.


6.1. The inscribed PHOTO will be analyzed and evaluated by the Judging Commission, according to the following criteria:
6.1.1. Creativity;
6.1.2. Technical Quality;
6.1.3. Theme;
6.1.4. The members of the judging committee will evaluate the PHOTO by compiling the sum of a scoring ranking for each item evaluated, according to the table above.


7.1.The total value of the prize will be ₹400K (four hundred thousand rupees), in cash. The author or the team authorizing the PHOTO classified in 1st place will receive the prize in the amount of ₹200K (two hundred thousand rupees) in cash, and the NGO chosen by him (between the NGO's supporters) will also receive the amount of ₹200K (two hundred thousand rupees) in cash.
7.2. The prize will be delivered via a deposit into a current account, and the bank information provided will be entirely the responsibility of the winner;
7.3.The winner has 30 days to apply for the prize. Otherwise, the prize will be awarded to the second best placed, and so on.
7.4. The winner of PhotoChallenge 2017 will be informed by Mucca, by electronic means (email). The information will also be published on the official website on 20/01/2018
7.5. Mucca has until 60 days to make the money transfer for the winner, and the chosen NGO.


8.1. By submitting a photo in this Contest, the entrant warrants and represents that (s)he owns all of the intellectual and industrial property rights in and to the photo. Further, the entrant as a condition of entry, grant Mucca a irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to use and publicly display the photo and the entrant’s name to promote the PhotoChallenge. Mucca commits to not publicly perform with promotional purposes, neither to create a derivative work from the submitted photo.

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